ConCen Blog – Month in Review and Refocus

By Mifune
The Conspiracy Central Blog
Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Things are going well here at Conspiracy Central. We’ve gotten the Conspiracy Central Blog project off to a spectacular start, first with Hei Hu Quan revisiting the Jonestown massacre that coined the term “Cool-Aid Drinker”, and demonstrating cult leader Jim Jones’ ties to the CIA and its MKULTRA and MKDELTA mind control programs.

In my first ConCen Blog article, I exposed Adnan Khashoggi’s ties to GCN and the 9/11 Truth Movement. Yes, the Protocols are real. Get used to it.

Ever on the attack, Hei Hu Quan writes a brilliant expose on the Israeli Espionage of Global Communications. In a quote from his article,

“Every piece of electronics equipment be it telephone, cellphone, (VoIP) Voice over IP, pagers, Blackberrys, instant messaging services, emails, has a point of interception established by the Israeli intelligence services.”

On Sunday, July 29th, Ognir hosted his first full-length recording of the ConCen Radio show, interviewing Randy Spiggett, an American living in Rwanda, Africa.

You may have noticed as well that the ConCen Blog has a complete listing of all ConCen Radio recordings on the right-hand side bar.

The same day, we took a look at how stolen cars from America are being used in car bombings in Iraq. Incredible, the depths to which CIA sinks to turn Iraq into a fractured, war torn, easily-controlled, state.

Ctrl just recently celebrated his 39th birthday, and we all wish him many more years of NWO/Illuminati/Power Elite ass-kicking.

Last but certainly not least, we have something of a thought experiment from mothandrust, Transforming Trajectory, asking the question: When we defeat the current control systems, how do we prevent new control systems from rising up to take their place?

I would like to point out the high volume of comments made on the ConCen Blog, and thank you all for making this blog a success. It’s funny; we even have our own pet troll already. Say hello, Quan Hater GB.

Having said all of that, it’s time to consider how we go forward and build upon what we have accomplished already. We have now established our philosophy and methodology. It’s time to take all of our work – Information Overload, ConCen Blog, ConCen Radio – and step up the quality and quantity of information that we cover on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Our goal here is to tame the demon known as Information Overload. We can’t accomplish that by exposing a lie only once a week. We need to cover a broad range of topics on a daily basis; at least one story for each forum category on the ConCen Forums.

With that goal in mind, I would like to announce a new feature here on the ConCen Blog: Conspiracy Report. This will be a very extensive daily digest of all the news from the Conspiracy scene, covering all forms of media and spectra of political and philosophical views, from the Mainstream Media to Alternative Media to Patriot/Truther Media, including sources from Television, Radio, Print, Web, Forums, and even BitTorrent trackers, with a focus that is global, not merely American or First World, and offering commentary on the latest developments from each day.

In time, once I have developed my methods fully in producing the Conspiracy Report every night, I will begin recording this report as a feature of ConCen Radio.

Only we dare call it Conspiracy.