Dr. Layton’s Jungle Hell: Jonestown Revisited

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By Hei Hu Quan
The Conspiracy Central Blog
Sunday, July 1, 2007

Welcome to the Conspiracy Central Blog, for those who are new we extend a hearty welcome, as well as friends and compatriots from the powerful Conspiracy Central forum.

Con·spir·a·cy [kuhn-spir-uh-see]
–noun, plural -cies.

  1. The act of conspiring.
  2. An evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
  3. A combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.
  4. Law. an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.
  5. Any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.

As you can plainly see from the commonly accepted dictionary entry the meaning is concise and clear. Nowhere do any of the definitions break down as Mainstream or Gatekeeper Media defines it:

  1. Wild, fantastical tales told by mentally deficient individuals.
  2. Unsubstantiated claims and accusations propagated by deranged fools.
  3. Crazy, unfounded stories compounded and blown out of proportion.
  4. Urban mythos.

Conspiracy as a term has been deliberately turned on its head and co-opted by concerted forces within the news media hemisphere, to now be the catch-phrase to readily dismiss any and all reports, fact-finding and investigations into the world of the global criminal order. Its methods, crimes, evidence, facts and well-insulated criminals, have been concealed, ridiculed, diverted by disinformation operatives, ignored and attacked. The funniest part of it all is that it is as real as the sun. Like the proverb, “The biggest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing people he wasn’t real,” the best black propaganda ever advanced was to spin conspiracy to a running joke.

Along the way there have been a great many heroes, both men and women who dedicated their very lives to standing up for the public interest and against forces that have literally collaborated and conspired towards common goals that protected, secured and advanced the goals of their criminal generations and empires. This is documented fact for all who would take the time to pull at the frayed fabric of history and begin the process of unweaving the lies, deceit and carefully prepared and sanctioned propaganda. When you have crime you have motive, opportunity and benefit as the primary components in any investigation. I would behoove those who are sincerely interested in getting at the facts and core to keep this in mind.

In all investigational training involving the analysis and deductive reasoning of interpreting evidence, the first and most important element they teach is freeing your mind of prejudicial information. Keeping an open mind is critical in reviewing the evidence with as un-jaundiced an eye as possible. Those who do not avail themselves of this will fail at discerning wheat from chaff during an investigation and blind themselves to the facts that scream to be heard.

If you are ready to journey down this rabbit hole, then strap yourself in and prepare for the white knuckle ride. Join us as we journey to restore the true and proper definition of the term Conspiracy.

Dr. Layton’s Jungle Hell: Jonestown Revisited

By Hei Hu Quan
Conspiracy Central Blog
June 26, 2007

Unfortunately there is a recent campaign to re-affirm the ‘official story’ of the horror of Jonestown to indoctrinate a young generation who have no exposure to this intelligence field-test and subsequent clean-up operation. Recently we’ve been assailed by a media PSYOPS rewrite of that history like intel sponsored propaganda pieces called “Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple” and the Freemason-friendly History Channel’s “Jonestown: Paradise Lost” that was released in 2006.

First off this is an immense story with a number of tributaries that I could literally write pages upon pages on. The best course of action is to give a down and dirty account on one of America’s premier and sickeningly successful black ops. I will tell you unequivocally and point blank, that Jonestown was a two-fold operation that involved establishing a working concentration camp complete with literal slave labor, as well as an isolated laboratory for the field-testing of MKULTRA mind control techniques of Monarch (psychic driving and eventual trauma compartmentalization with programming), Mass mind-control, and Delta hypno-assassin training and programming for use in the U.S. against special and covert COINTELPRO targets.

The particular project was sponsored by Laurence Laird Layton and his family of whom the patriarch worked as the Chief of Chemical Warfare at the U.S. Army’s Dugaway Proving Grounds. Layton was literally contacted because of his expertise in the chemicals that might produce a pharmaceutical solution to the perceived growing black and native people’s unrest churning within the U.S. Jonestown was an adjunct project of the well known MKULTRA called MKDELTA which was th actual field-testing of psychotropics and techniques developed from BLUEBIRD to MKULTRA, MKNAOMI and sub-projects of military intelligence; the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) in particular.

Jim Jones was born in Indiana and his father was reputed to be a member of the Ku Klux Klan. In his rise to become a charismatic Christian preacher he held many different jobs, one odd and notable one being a seller of laboratory and pet monkeys of all things. I would imagine also that being a purveyor of these animals, it put him in the proximity of a number of research laboratories, including ones that performed mind control and worse. In any event, Jones’ ambition to become a prophet and preacher, and his success in captivating audiences in tent revivals, huckster shows and the like began to build his name as well as following.

He met up with a right bastard charlatan black preacher by the name of Father Divine who shared with Jim Jones a common closeted homosexuality that was known only to a few of each in their inner circles. Father Divine gained his fame and fortune by using psychological techniques to enthrall masses into virtual Alpha states and then bilk them out of their hard earned money. Jones being the ever cunning opportunist eagerly learned and refined Father Divine’s amateur psyops, and it propelled him further and further along. The years were during the early 1970’s and revolutionary thought was at the forefront of American culture.

Jones’ angle on his evolving con was to use a socialist variation of this to draw in young, African-Americans and women in particular into his newly forming church that was later to be dubbed the People’s Temple. He gained popularity by attaching himself to San Francisco’s mayor George Moscone, Harvey Milk and other inside players who could assist in his power plays and manipulations of the public. He spouted a message of universal love and socialist/communist principles that would “destroy racism, sexism and castes of all kinds’ and provide protection and a shelter from the evils of society. This message particularly appealed to the poor, the disaffected and black in which he filled the membership of his churches with. He amassed a retinue of bodyguards whom he claimed would protect him from the forces within the U.S. government who wanted him dead because of his beliefs and commitment to aid the poor and black.

As a deceit to further inculcate his hold on his audience and deify himself before their eyes, Jones would fake his own death through elaborately staged assassination attempts from time to time. He would be “shot” by his disguised bodyguards in a drive-by assassination complete with theatrical blood. Only to be whisked away by other bodyguards and after a time reappear safe and sound to the cheers and adulation of his congregation. Sometimes he would even use one of his doubles to stand in for him and stage his death. At this time, he was literally demanding that they turn over their assets to the People’s Temple and used his local government contacts to assist in obtaining their pensions, Social Security payments as well as grants and access to patients of Retirement homes, halfway houses, and other agencies that served the poor and paid for their expenses.

About this time Jones became involved with the CIA and good friends with one of their strongest assets, a piece of utter shit by the name of Dan Mitrione. Mitrione literally ran a school teaching torture techniques to the CIA’s puppet dictators and soldiers in Brazil and Uruguay and assisting them in establishing death squads to kill leftists and their leaders. Mitrione would have random homeless street people and citizens abducted as “teaching aids” where they would be tortured to death in front of his slavering, sadistic students. Karma eventually caught up with this sanctioned demonic monster and Tupamaro guerrillas captured and executed him. Grieving over the loss of their friend, celebrities Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis personally sponsored a lavish fund-raiser for Mitrione’s family. Makes you wonder at their backgrounds huh? How long did Sinatra hide the original ‘Manchurian Candidate’ film from the public again? 10 years.

Dan Mitrione had a number of close and significant CIA contacts and station chiefs like Forbes Burnham, Richard Welch, Richard Dwyer that worked with Jim Jones who was contracted by them as an agent provocateur, and who would incite and foment riots and strategic labor strikes within prime political organizations of certain South American countries that the CIA had wanted destabilized. He was even given the code-name of ‘Raven’ as a play on his jet black hair. Bird code-names during that time were extremely popular within the intelligence circles of the CIA and NSA.

Back in the U.S. the dirty little secrets of the People’s Temple abuses began to leak. Relatives of family members within his congregation began asking questions and demanding investigations into Jones and his cult. With heat and controversy mounting, Jones used his contacts within the CIA to acquire a large parcel of land in Guyana that he wanted to escape with his golden flock in tow. The CIA and NSA wanted in exchange, Jones to be point-man for Dr. Layton’s little field experiment in the isolated jungles of Guyana. The deal was set and Jones airlifted his People’s Temple followers en masse to clear the jungle and establish settlement. With MKULTRA firmly underground thanks in part to the revelations of the Church Committee, the CIA and military intelligence went from deploying their projects in Universities, brothels, prisons, the military and medical facilities to creating and/or sponsoring cults to continue mind-control experiments on the public. It provided both a distanced plausible denial aspect as well as a controlled environment in which to refine their weapons of psychological destruction.

Soon after, family members back in the U.S. began hearing reports of public tortures and rapes as traumatic punishments (Monarch and mass control through fear and trauma), as well as enslavement to work on crop plantations, paedophilia, murder and weird experiments at the Jonestown medical facility. Jones set up a perimeter of exclusively Caucasian guards who were Jones’ enforcers and Laurence Layton’s own son Larry was head of it. Layton’s daughter Deborah was also inserted amongst the hierarchy of the Jonestown organization as liaison to the political figures and officials that helped facilitate Jonestown.

Before long Jim Jones began programs of administering the massive cache of pharmaceuticals through the food and cookies in particular. Troublemakers or dissidents were selected for the advanced mind experimentation, and within his own guard unit Jones had a Delta programmed hit team to carry out special missions or await their triggers for specified assassinations. All through the active period of Jonestown, CIA/NSA doctors with expertise in Layton’s project would visit the camp to verify experiments and confirm reports. Nazi doctor Josef Mengele was rumoured to have been a visitor, but this is unconfirmed as of yet.

Suicide drills began to be run called ‘White Nights’ in which all camp members were roused in the middle of the night to prepare for an eventual mass suicide Jones was programming into his wards. Many of them already under Jones’ sleep deprivation and driven to exhaustion upon Jones’ orders provided yet another venue for the refinement of mind-control techniques in use currently for torture at global CIA rendition destinations and prisons like Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib.

The letters, complaints and demands of families of those now held against their will in Jonestown, grew louder and stronger. Eventually reaching the interest and ears of U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan who vowed to personally investigate their claims. In November 1978, U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan led a fact-finding mission to the Jonestown settlement in Guyana after allegations by relatives in the U.S. of human rights abuses. Ryan’s delegation arrived in Jonestown on November 15 and spent three days interviewing residents. They left hurriedly on the morning of Saturday November 18 after an attempt was made on Ryan’s life by Don Sly.

Ryan and his party were convinced that the tales they had heard were all too real and now threatened their very lives. They took with them roughly 15 Peoples Temple members who wished to leave. As they were boarding planes at the airstrip, a flatbed truck bearing Jones’ Delta hypno-programmed death squad arrived and began to shoot at them. An NBC cameraman Bob Brown who ended up murdered by the Jonestown death squad, captured the entire attack on film (I’ve seen the footage). At the same time Larry Layton, who had pretended to be a defector drew a weapon and began to fire on members of the party. When it was over, six members of the Ryan party were murdered on the tarmac.

Meanwhile back at the Jonestown encampment CIA agent Richard Dwyer told Jim Jones that the operation had been compromised by Ryan and the media and it was being shut down. Jones then turned on the klaxon sirens and screamed ‘White Nights’ and beckoned all to amass for suicide while audio recording the entire affair. On one of the recordings Jones is clearly heard shouting “Get Dwyer out of here now!”. Then despite protests from some members, Jones’ guards and other programmed lackeys began poisoning the babies and children orally, then as resistance grew, through forcible injections. Some utter dumbass adults willingly drank the poisoned grape flavor-aid whilst a good number broke and ran into the jungle, some were shot, some were injected at the epicentre. It is reported that Jones “committed suicide” even though he had tattoos and the corpse who was found next to his ‘throne’ with the gunshot wound behind his left ear (a murdered and planted double who had posed as Jones 5 years earlier) had none. It was also reported that Black Watch Forces from the UK, combined with Guyanese elite soldiers and U.S. Special Forces teams were dispatched from maneuvers on nearby Matthews Ridge in Guyana, to track and kill any and all survivors who escaped into the jungle and drag their bodies back to the epicentre.

Here’s where it all gets murky with contrasting opinions, outright disinformation and the racist “official story”.

1) The “official cover story” of a bunch of black, cult zealots drinking poisoned grape Kool-Aid is absolute shite and undermined by Guyanese coroner C. Leslie Mootoo, who examined the corpses found needle marks on 83 victims. Secondly, common sense will remind one of the total improbability of getting 908 people to willingly consume poison is total bullshit. The population of Jonestown was said to have been 1,200. That leaves 292 people missing from the bodycount of 908, so what happened to the missing additional 292 people? The great majority of the bodies were strategically posed face down, to accommodate identity obfuscation and accelerate decomposition. If any were shot it would most likely have been while face down so the wound trauma would be on the undersides away from any photos. Since the bodies were also arranged, the ones with the most trauma would most likely be taken from the epicenter to a secured perimeter, away from cameras.

2) For the great mass of the murders I find it implausible that a large number of the victims were killed through forcible injections even at gunpoint. Resistance would be too great. Or maybe I just don’t want to think people are really that sheep-like and stupid. My contention is that either another fast acting death agent was used, or that perhaps an airborne incapacitate was administered by air followed-up by either injection or other deadly means.

3) In examining published photos of the victims, I find the usual destructive patterns of gunfire and the associated blood and viscera absent. Just piles and piles of slightly bloated, peacefully posed corpses. Perhaps a different weapon was used entirely. Or perhaps they only filmed certain piles of victims. The report of Guyanese, British and American Special Forces clean-up (kill) teams said that they used crossbows in addition to standard issue assault rifles. Still not a lot of wounds consistent with that firepower does one see in the known and published images. Crossbow bolts would be an ideal weapon that provides the silence and virtually bloodless assassination they’d be looking for.

4) 400 bodies were initially found and reported, that leaves a full 503 to have escaped the kill zone into the jungle. If you count the other 300 that’s a full 803 that ran to into the jungle when everything started. 803 of whom some totally escaped, some who might have succumbed to the jungle, and the great majority who were tracked like prey and systematically exterminated. Without access to evidence it is very difficult to discern what actually happened in the Jonestown kill-zone. The prime authors who “escaped” from Jonestown are also now the ones who assisted in the fabrication of the official story and have ties with intelligence. They have all issued books or interviews that “expose” what really happened including and especially Deborah Layton!

So ultimately from the available evidence it can be determined that it was a coordinated and sustained intelligence operation most black in nature and execution (definitely no pun intended). The CIA, military inteligence, and NSA were directly involved, as well as lawyers Charles Garry and Mark Lane. Lane and Garry are 2 deep-cover intelligence assets who delivered caches of confidential COINTELPRO dossiers on black, white and native American radical leaders in the U.S. to Jonestown. Mark Lane was also found to have engineered a plot to take an instrumental MLK assassination witness Grace Walden Stephans, into Jonestown to conveniently die with everyone else. They were both inside men placed for their access to the Black Panther Party and the Martin Luther King assassination. Un-coincidentally, they were in both in Jonestown during the exterminations, but “managed to escape” unharmed and make it back to the U.S. to write disinformation books about their ordeal and further spy on leftist organizations for their paymasters. Mark Lane has a documented background in U.S. Army Intelligence, which played a considerable role in the King assassination.


Was Jonestown a CIA Medical Experiment by Micheal Meiers

Raven by Tim Reiterman & John Jacobs

The Black Hole of Guyana by John Judge compiled in Secret and Suppressed by Jim Keith



  1. Wow maybe I had heard dirt on Mark Lane before…. strange since his claim to fame is challenging to Warren Commission?!

  2. Hi John Judge’s research on Mark Lane is based directly on his mentor Mae Brussel’s research — here’s her tape on Mark Lane:


    It’s amazing because this is the only dirt I could find on Mark Lane while everyone else on line raves about how cool he is for exposing the CIA’s role in the JFK assassination…..

  3. Oh wait I googled Mark Lane and Army Intelligence. Here’s the NY Times mention — assuming it’s the same Mark Lane which seems reasonable… but strange that Mark Lane claimed his memo to Jim Jones was actually Army Intelligence fabrication! haha.


  4. Thanks Drew for the links and info. It’s not just Mark Lane, his cohort Charles Garry was a long-time inside agent infiltrating the Black Panther Party, while under the cover of defence attorney for the group. After the mop up operation at Jonestown, there were caches of sensitive files, dossiers, profiles and intel documents of Black Panther Party members and group structures. They were to be used in designating targets for political assassination at the hands of mind-controlled hit teams being cultivated and trained in Jonestown. How do you think those intel files got there, and who was responsible for their delivery? Garry and Lane. The very same who “miraculously” escaped the killzone to preserve their covers and keep on infiltrating left-wing or radical groups.

  5. I have firsthand experience with this type of stuff. Most of my undergrad degree was completed at UW-Madison where I was very active with the UW-Greens. After I left some activists still there did a FOIA FBI request and found there were some 900 pages for just a couple dozen people over just a few years! The FBI blacked-out most of the info and stated it was too much work to send it all so please rescind the request! haha.

    Then for my graduate degree at U of Minnesota I worked with “Sarah Jane Olson” who later was convicted as a “terrorist” — really a foreshadowing of the post-911 era. Then a professor emailed me stating I would never be published again after I exposed his promotion of Werner von Braun with no mention of the heinous SS slave labor past. My email account was sabotaged by the U administration after I exposed the lawyer who runs the U jokingly threatening the tenure of professors who served on the labor sweatshop committee. Finally the office where I worked did the “get out the vote” organizing for Wellstone who visited us regularly, until his “plane” accident.

    One time I protested the FBI office at the U of MN and we were approached by an undercover who I recognized from a previous animal rights protest, when he had taken off his fake long hair and then joined the cops.

    All this turned me into a conspiracy activist.

  6. […] gotten the Conspiracy Central Blog project off to a spectacular start, first with Hei Hu Quan revisiting the Jonestown massacre that coined the term “Cool-Aid Drinker”, and demonstrating cult leader Jim Jones’ […]

  7. Excellent article. As you state at the beginning, there is far more to this tale than can be covered in this format. People might want to check out Jones’ ties to Army Intelligence and CIA long before the 1970s. Also the connection to a mining operation near Jonestown that was nonviable without slave labour. Apparently the Jonestown People were working there…

    Just a note: It’s “Dugway” Proving Grounds, not “Dugaway”

  8. You have done a great service by doing this research and putting this out here online

    you’re right, there are younger people who don’t know and it sheds a whole new light on Lane’s staunchest supporter, Mike Piper, American Free press, the Liberty lobby, and maybe even RBN to some extent. Excellent job Hei.

    I have some of Mae’s tapes and have transferred them to DVD. I will post some of her Mark Lane exposes at http://mondocratic.podomatic.com and http://nworeport.podomatic.com. They should be up in the next few days. Thanks for doing this great service.

    Just like Alex jones, it is vitally important for people to find out the truth of some of the history of deceipt of these people. Jones especially. It was William Cooper in June of 2001 that predicted that Bin laden would be used as a scapegoat and there would be an attack on the US blamed on the CIA asset Usama Bin Laden. A couple wees later, copper was murdered. A couple more weeks later, Jones made almost the exact same prediction as Will Cooper and the rest is history. Jones has since claimed to be the “grandfather” of the 9-11 Truth movment and his playbook is straight out of the mark Lane book.

    D not believe that Jones is enraged at the History Channel for a smear job on the 9-11 movement. It was meant that way. Skunk put it best…


  9. and let’s not forget, Jones refuses to red search anything about Jesuits or Zionists. Peter Shank has a hilarious wuote he plays often of Jones fuming and enraged claiming “I’ve done the resarch and it’s IMPOSSIBLE that Israel could have carried out the attacks!!” All this despite a century of successful false flags and fundinf of 2 World wars?

    Meanwhile, the other disinfo agents bicker amongst themselves with tasteless mudslinging, spending more than half their time calling each other childish names that has completely turned off their audience except the dullest knives in the drawer, when it is a proven fact documented by centuries of research, that both Jesuits and Zionists have worked together towards their common goal of global conquest and massive depopulation. The only truth is when and if the time comes, will these two groups attack each other. It wouldn’t surprise me, but if it comes to that, we’ll all already be dead.

  10. Thanks Mondocratic and you’ve done a sterling service by posting the great Mae Brussell’s expose on that scumbag rat Mark Lane. Both he and his compatriot Charles Garry were deep cover assets working for intelligence and the sooner the truth comes out about them, the sooner their effectiveness as operatives is finished.

    Cheers and much respect.

  11. […] Hei Hu Quan Conspiracy Central Blog [https://conspiracycentral.wordpress.com/2007/07/01/dr-laytons-jungle-hell-jonestown-revisited/] June 26, […]

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  24. Where were the bodies of the children? There were supossed to be nearly 300 of them and I counted only 6. No young teens both female and male. They were not lying underneath the other bodies as first suggested. Did they take the kids and sell them?

    I am starting to think that an aerial chemical was showered down on them. Look at the dogs. But the Parrots survived. I think there was a dead monkey too.

    Was the death tape real? When was it recorded, not “published”? Many years have passed since 1978 and the could have staged it. It does sound like Jones, but that lisp? I heard what sounded like Deborah Layton telling the mothers that they are not crying because it hurts but because how it tastes. Can’t remember if it is in the Death Tape. What was she doing there if it occurred on that tragic night.

    It’s interesting how in the 1980 TV movie, the white nurse takes the “Kool Aid” too. Total disinformation

  25. If you haven’t watched NBC cameraman’s footage of 18 November 1978 you really should watch it. Here is the link…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm7k2Eq-vD0&t=318s It was very difficult for me at first. You can see Mark Lane, Richard Dwyer and Tim Carter. I am trying to pick out some of the operatives. I did spot a woman who may have been a CIA nurse or staff member when she stares at Jones talking with some of the evacuees

  26. One more thing…. Jim Jones body look like it was decaying on his abdomen. Was this him? If it wasn’t could it have been a murder of one of his doubles more than a day before the killing started?

  27. There is footage that shows men in gas masks among the bodies. I think this was the primary weapon. The rest were crossbows and guns and perhaps injections. But the vast majority were gassed with either mustard gas or chlorine gas

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