Johnny Gosch Is Alive – Part 1: Conspiracy of Silence

I first wrote this article for CR back in 2006 … It’s about what happened when I entered the words “conspiracy” into Google and started following the links. I was never the same again. I found a banned documentary called Conspiracy of Silence“. The website said it was seized before it aired in 1994, and all copies were destroyed. All except one… a rough, unfinished cut dubbed onto VHS had somehow made it on to the net… the documentary was not 100% finished, but the story was there. The same could be said of my article; for the last year it was 90% finished, but the story was all there. Now I’ve put the panties on, and backup up my claims with verified links and media references. If you follow them, you will never be the same… I say that both as a warning, and as an invitation.

What it takes to go, it takes to know.

Johnny Gosch Is Alive

By Chris Carota

Part 1: Conspiracy of Silence

The Gosch Story has always been a keystone to my research, unlocking the doors of corruption in all levels of government through publicly recorded scandals with a deadly consistency. I first became aware of the Johnny Gosch story through an interview of Senator John DeCamp by Alex Jones (Text). John spoke about his book the “The Franklin Cover-up”, specifically the testimony of Paul Bonacci, a kidnapped child who was used as a drug mule and forced prostitution. Bonacci claimed to have helped GOP member Lawrence (Larry) King kidnap other children, one of whom was Johnny Gosch, Bonacci claimed that they watched Johnny for weeks at his home in before they grabbed him from his paper route on the morning of September 5th, 1982.

When I watched the documentary “Conspiracy of Silence”, which exposes the details of a child pedophilia ring in Washington, it was a breaking point for my psyche and for my preconceived ideas of what was possible, morally possible, in this world. The events described by Bonnaci of the snuff film gave me nightmares and basically put me in shock. Conspiracy research was the only cure… I discovered the Black Budget, Project Paperclip, The Gehlen Organization, Skull and Bones, SRA, The Bohemian Grove, MK-Ultra… And what unified them all was the use of MIND CONTROL to maintain secrecy.

Mind Control needs subjects with Dissociative Identity Disorder, which can be created through the systematically applied use of forced sex and pedophilia, and the exploitation of young males in the army, the training of serial killers and torturers by military command, the use of prostitution, cocaine and sexual deviance for complicity and blackmail, with the aid of the CIA in facilitating and encouraging these activities to occur, through their continued suppression in the news for reasons of national security by the Secret Government.

When the Jeff Gannon story broke in connection to the Rove/Plame CIA scandal, and we found out a former gay prostitute was working for the Bush administration as a plant in the white house press core, it made sense to me that Johnny Gosch is alive. Considering that the Gosch case had gotten so much attention since the release of new photos, and the Franklin banking and child prostitution case had been exposed for years, and a major republican politicians and even went to jail, there remains a historic public record that can act as a doorway into a dark realm of military serial killers, Satanists, and Nazis used by the government mind program.

When one researches mind control, one sees that the victim are ritually abused and traumatized as children so as to cause the conditioned dissociation necessary for creating the “alternate personalities”. In addition to electroshock therapy, the CIA has used cult members and multi-generational incest as a means of delivering the abuse necessary in the preparation of a suitable mind control slave. After the victim has been continually disassociated, they can then be programmed for various tasks and remain unaware of how they are being used by their controllers.

So, to me, the fact that a gay prostitute was being used by the GOP to subvert the independent media was a side issue. The truth is that Johhny Gosch was kept ALIVE after being kidnapped by King’s republican prostitution ring as preparation for Project Monarch, a trauma-based government mind control program to create a sex slave and CIA operative in the Whitehouse. In fact, Paul Eberle, Jeff Gannon’s employer at Talon News, is a GOP Member who co-authored a book on Satanic Ritual Abuse in the 90s, called, The Politics of Child Abuse in America, which refuted SRA as a form of False Memory Syndrome. Coincidently, Paul and Shirley Eberle also published S&M pornography during in the 1980s.

Even though these events seem intentionally at odds with everything we think we know, that doesn’t mean they can’t happen, instead they are hidden in plain view. The MK-Ultra project was conducted and is on the public record and has been for years. When someone starts putting the pieces together, it becomes obvious that the US government has been infiltrated by a fascist element which has no qualms in using any means necessary to maintain secrecy and gain a military advantage, and perpetuate a constant state of war.

These covert operations were originally revealed through the freedom of information act of 1974, and the government has justified such illegal and immoral acts performed on unwitting civilians as a part of the paranoia of the cold-war era. Interestingly, covert warfare began with the Secret Team, many of whom were trained in Bavaria by Otto Skorzeny, “Hitler’s Bodyguard“, a Waffen SS soldier who was brought to the US as a part of the Gehlen Organization with Project Paperclip. He resurfaced in 1999 and allegedly revealed in his deathbed how Skorzany, George Bush Sr, Reinhard Gehlen, Martin Borman had all taken part in the assassination of President John F Kennedy.

If you have never heard of Project Paperclip or The Gehlen Organization, I recommend watching the History Channel’s “The Nazis and the CIA” an excellent documentary that explains how Nazi war criminals and Hitler’s top scientists were given asylum by the national security act under the pretense of fighting the anti-communist cold war . The Gehlen organization would eventually come out of the OSS and the CIAS largely by combining its ties to with the military industrial complex with the economic shock system of wall street, and headed by the Dulles Brothers and Prescott Bush’s banking firm Brown Brothers Harrimon, both of whom had supported the Nazis before and after WWII, and had connections to the military coup of 1963.

The men trained under Otto Skornazy for Reinhard Gehlen’s OSS have gone on to become the spooks associated with Iran Contra, and government drug running. I’ve always wondered if Ollie North has been mind controlled or if he’s just some kind of super patriot willing to do whatever it takes to uphold the national security state. Timothy McVeigh is another possibility, as is Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan. It would seem that creating a “Manchurian Candidate“, a political assassin/terrorist that can be controlled and used as both a physical and a psychological weapon against the public, would be a sought after commodity by those in positions of authority.

I believe the Nazis were intentionally moved to the US to help fight an Invisible Third World War, to perpetuate The Capitalist Conspiracy, the Nuclear Arms Race, and The Cult of Intelligence and help split the world into Capitalism and Communism…. or should I say despotism and democracy… Just as the creation of the Fascist State of Israel, justified by the holocaust and the help of the Catholic Church, has been used to create a controlled reaction to the religious wars and false flag terrorism to create the final false conflict of the Twentieth Century. The point is, it’s all connected, and pre-planned, these are the Functions of Fascism (audio)… The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.

It’s far easier to talk about current war on terror, or the establishment of the federal reserve, or the first and second World War… but between the end of the last great war, and up until 911, there is a vast, dark underbelly of government which must be exposed to the light of day. The question is, are we ready for what we might find? I still ask myself this question all the time since finding out about what happened to Johnny Gosch, and although the answers may scare me, it’s the question that drives me.

Part 2 : Survival and Self-Healing, to follow.

Conspiracy Central Media Links:

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  1. great article Chris – lots of stuff i didn’t know – although much of it i’d guessed (at least in general, rather than specific terms). am currently downloading the ‘history channel’ doc on Nazi’s and the CIA (must admit, generally i avoid docs from history, discovery, nat. geographic etc. because of their establishment perspective, lack of unbiased info and that they talk to you as though you’re a fucking moron), as i remember some particularly good tips from you in the past.

    incidentally, when i was studying IR theory, for my ‘war, strategy and intelligence module’ i picked the essay, ‘has the utility of force changed over the last fifty years?’ i wrote about the hidden force of mind control through propaganda (or PR), for which they gave me 30%. what a shame i knew nothing about MK-ULTRA at the time, expect i could have forced my mark down to almost zero.

    i am currently reading ‘political ponerology’, it fits very well with your findings – and, quite frankly, depresses the hell out of me. so what are we going to do about it?

    lastly, i think it’s Prescott Bush, not Preston – that’s not meant to be picky, but if you’re looking at getting it published elsewhere might be worth checking.

    thanks Chris,

    big hugs,

  2. oh yeah, and great to see you posting on the CC blog

  3. Thanks Mothandrust,

    I agree with you about the history channel, discovery, natGeo, etc not having context and usually being filled with disinformation… this is in fact is the only History doc I’ve ever seen that I’d recommend whole heartedly. I don’t know why this one is so good (the director?) or how it aired… but I have recommenced it to many non-conspiracy researchers, because it comes from a source they are used to, and not a “conspiracy theory”. There’s nothing theoretical about the project Paperclip, Gehlen and his influence on the Cult of Intelligence, so they might as well get their information from a main stream source. Following that idea, I tried to use as many main stream sources and newspapers in this article as I could.

    Thanks for pointing out that obvious typo on Prescott Bush. It was my first time publishing on word press, and i didn’t know the procedure worked, so mifune published the article this morning before I had a chance to do a final once over and add the media section. All good though, it was 99.99% there. PM me if you find any other obvious errors. I don’t know about getting it redistributed or published in print yet. The original was reposted on the net quite a bit, but if someone wants to distribute this new version in print, the hyperlinks wouldn’t work, and lacking direct quotes, the article might look like idle speculation. With the inclusion so many links and a list of related Torrent files, this current version is more Cyberpunk in nature. Still, a printable version with quotes and complete bibliography is possible… I am considering making a “print” version after I finish Part 2, Survival and Self-Healing.

    Nice one, equating force with Public Relations… no wonder they gave you 30%. Good thing you didn’t know about the franklin case, that much truth could get kicked you out of school for sure. Thanks for the recommending that I check out ‘political ponerology’, hopefully it will thoroughly lower my theoretical grade point average. Thanks for you comments, its good to working for the ConCen Blog. I have a few things planned for the future, and maybe we can work on something together, who knows. – Chris

  4. From

    This is a fantastic piece of work Chris.

    Firstly on a technical level, though I could never have expressed it as eloquently as you, I agree with every single connection you’ve made and the general thrust of what you are saying here. Obviously it’s well written, but putting all those links in must have taken ages – and I see no reason why even the most neophyte seeker of truth couldn’t follow this article through and understand it enough to arrive at their own conclusions. I dream of being as diligent as you one day.

    Secondly, as an insight into your own personal journey through the minefield of so-called conspiracy theory it is a great account. For me, there have been many times when I’ve wondered if I really needed to keep digging through this rancid mess, or even whether I could move forward without becoming consumed or corrupted by it myself and I think you’ve expressed the gravity of that dilemma brilliantly.

    Thirdly, in terms of the article as an educational vehicle, it excels again. I’ve been researching for a long time and for the last two years have done little else. One by one I’ve probably looked at 95% of what you’ve covered here but usually as discrete issues forming part of a fairly non-linear progression. Slowly but surely each topic falls into place as one learns more, but out there “in the wild” there is so much disinfo and distraction that it takes time to start piecing things together into some sort of analytical paradigm. My point is, your article overcomes this beautifully for the reader. If I might use an analogy, you have demonstrated clearly that there is at least one way for an intuitive sheep to cross through the fence into the next field. Sure there are other routes one might take, but here, in one giant Gestalt leap, you’ve shown others it can be done – and more importantly you’ve shown that the journey leads to somewhere better. It’s extremely powerful. In other words, would it be possible for someone to follow this article through, understand it, take on board all the implications and yet continue to believe that 911 “couldn’t possibly be an inside job simply because no-one could be that mean”, for example. It seems unlikely.

    Finally, while it would have been easy to write a book to get all this across you’ve managed to get all the above into a single article of under 1500 words in a style that just begs the reader to learn more. That in itself is a tremendous achievement.

    Can’t wait for part two – and until then I plan to check out every single link in part one. Thanks.

    Having said all that, might I pose a question? On Noreen Gosch’s site she has various pictures of her son. About half way down there’s a picture where she identifies a birthmark on his chest and arm, then later, towards the end of the page, she seems to refer to the same mark on the arm as a “human brand”. I’ve seen this used in attempts to “debunk” the mother and I was surprised to find that the same apparently contradictory claims still appearing on her site today. It seems somewhat odd that she’s not acted to clarify this apparent ambiguity. Any thoughts, or have I just not read the page closely enough?


    Entropiate, thank you for such a glowing review…

    You seem to understand EXACTLY what I was trying to accomplish, which makes me believe that I might have accomplished it… which is awesome, because this did take a some time to put together. I was absolutely trying to get it done in 1500 words, and I was also trying to make it so self evident that anyone who read it could understand it, and woudl have trouble deny that something was “going on”. They can then apply this conspiratorial view to 911 and other so-called mysteries, which all start to make sense once you understand the functions of fascism.

    Part two will go in-depth into a more transpersonal an spiritual understanding of how mind control words, how victims become survivors, and how self-healing is the only form of help that one has in cases of extreme traumatization and abuse. Thats goes for us as much as any MK-Ultra survivor. After I’m finished of part two, I pan on making a “print” version, which will include quotes from the referenced sources and a full bibliography, but for now, the cyberpunk version good to go. if you think this article is good, please refer people to it.

    As for yours question about the Noreen Gosch site, I have the exact same issues. I think, first of al, that all those photos aren’t of johnny, some of them are too new, and the birth mark is inconsistent, as you pointed out. There are alot of discrediting issues on that Foundation page, and I believe that Noreen Gosch story may be sort of red herring in a way.. It was deemphasized, in the article intentionally for that reason… But for the purposes of this story and my research, I choose to be a true believer, and to put my understanding and interpretation out there as If I belived that Johnny Gosch is alive…

    In the past, I’ve been accused of being a fence sitter by some of my esteemed colleagues and conspiracy researchers, so I thought it was important to put my ass on the line, even if I’m wrong, and make a conclusive statement. But even if I’m wrong about Gosch and Gannon, all the links lead somewhere, and I think gaining an understanding of the functions fascism, mind control and covert operations is more important than proving the truth about Johnny Gosch.

    Something is definitely going on with the Gosch case, something that warrants our attention, even if it is “only” a 25 year co-intel pro disinformation campaign, or government psy-op to make us dismiss the whole SRA conspiracy… this remains a story worth telling, so I did my best to tell it, and show people what doors I opened to arrived at my conclusions.


  5. Awesome article Chris! Clear, concise, and packed with solid information. These are the types of articles I like to read. No BS, just info. A while back I collected an assortment of Johnny Gosch (Jeff Gannon) news videos and created a torrent for the ConCen tracker. I also put it on Demonoid where it was deleted the first time around, and then some how snuck through successfully on the second attempt. I had an interesting comment from someone on saying, “Surprised to see downloads of this – or even that it’s available at all. From what my granny says, I’m a 2d cousin to Johnny and met him at a family reunion when I was a child so he’s always been interesting to me.” Keep up the great work Chris, I’m looking forward to the second part.

  6. Wow, you really have made a mess of this, haven’t you? In all probability, Paul Bonacci probably killed JG without any government aid or child pedophile ring involved. Paul has most likely spun, with your help, an elaborate and fantastic tale that has masked the truth.

    My prayers go out to Noreen.

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