Knowledge Is Power

Conspiracy Central occupies a unique place in the Media, facilitating the free, uncensored exchange of information by means of the ConCen Bittorrent Tracker, the ConCen Forums, ConCen Radio, and ConCen Blog. Knowledge is power. However, unused information is meaningless. We must turn this superb resource into effective action.

The first purpose of Conspiracy Central is to educate ourselves and the reader.

The logic is simple: to assume that we know everything is to leave ourselves open to manipulation. To that end specifically, we intend to piece together the big picture: What is happening in our world, and why? To accomplish this, we will:

  • Research vast amounts of historical information
  • Collect new information on a daily basis
  • Analyze new and historical information in the context of what we already know
  • Constantly reassess our understanding of what is going on, so as to attain a clear understanding of the big picture

Armed with this knowledge, we intend to make a difference at home, within the Conspiracy Media.

  • Many truth activists may be well-intentioned, but lacking in their understanding of just how pervasive the Control System really is. We intend to facilitate a more complete education of such individuals, so as to build a common understanding of how to fight the Control System effectively, while putting to rest internecine squabbles that only serve to aid the Power Elite in achieving their goals.
  • We further intend to expose those members of the Conspiracy Media who only serve to gatekeep or spread disinformation, frustrating the efforts of those who are genuinely attempting to spread the truth.

Conspiracy Central Blog exists as an outlet and showcase for the unique perspectives of members of the Conspiracy Central Forum, as well as any Truth Seekers who wish to join in the work of understanding the big picture.

Conspiracy Central: Information and media for soon to be smarter people. Only we dare call it conspiracy.


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