not worth reporting

Not worth reporting

Today in Gaza Israel has bombed three hospitals, the UN compound, holding a goodly percentage of the remaining, dwindling food supplies and the Red Crescent office. They used phosphorous bombs, banned under international law: prosperous burns flesh to the bone.

None of this is considered newsworthy by the BBC. Their lead was the “killing” of Hamas interior minister, Said Siyam. No mention that he was democratically elected, nor the collateral damage of his family members killed along side.
I wonder where on earth this execution, without trial, would not be classed as murder? Mass murder. Yet it is trifling in terms of death and ethics if we are considering statistics, or significance. Significance in terms the ethical constructs humanity had supposedly developed over the last couple of millennia.

A hollow shell of hypocrisy. ‘Human Rights’, ‘International Law’ – meaningless rubbish, occasionally to hide behind, but mostly to ignore. Worthless, useless: worse than useless. Worse than useless because they enable political leaders to bend and manipulate ‘morality’ to service their agenda and feign legitimacy.

Our press is impervious and the BBC is exemplary. Words that do not exist include murder, slaughter, genocide, ethnic cleansing: they prefer war, casualties and collateral damage. Words to fit with the agendas of their masters: those who wish to see Islam and its ideology wiped from existence, and those who would profit from the exercise.

The god Capitalism cannot work without Usury – also not worth reporting