Smoking is good for you?



Smoking is good for you?


Why do governments want to ban smoking? I mean, it’s not as if they actually care about their citizens’ health. If so, they would spend more on healing than killing. But, more to the point, they would address the far more personally and socially destructive effects of alcohol and refined sugar, (which of course, are one and the same) evidenced by alcohol fuelled late night violence and sex between drunken obese teenagers (and beyond), who cram casualty departments and make our city centres no-go areas until the sun comes up. Yet, regardless of this epidemic, because the sugar/alcohol multinationals’ influence is so powerful, health is a minor distraction – however, tobacco companies carry the same political influence, so this is not the reason. In addition, governments make billions annually from smoking: taxes, needless to say, but also in terms of unneeded pensions and the extraordinary savings in health care which escalate dramatically in old age.

Given this perspective, is it not strange that whilst not exactly pushing it, (they would not want to appear heartless now, would they?) governments do not offer smoking the same tacit approval they give to alcohol, junk food and gambling – all of which are many times more socially destructive?

So why do they hate smoking so much?

It was a question that had tumbled around in my head for months. The best I could come up with, was that they wanted to use the fields for a more lucrative crop. But what, barring illicit drugs, could generate such revenue? (Particularly with Heroin production back up to pre Taliban levels.) It just did not make sense.

Then, by chance i happened upon ‘Political Ponerology’ by Andrew Lobaczewski, which considers how wicked, power hungry people gradually take control over society. And he points out, that the last organised attempt to stifle smoking on the scale now under way in Europe and the United States was in pre-war Germany, under the Nazis. (P.156)

You see, what Nazi scientists discovered very soon into their research, was that carbon-monoxide, a central component of tobacco smoke, creates resistance to pathocratic influence: i.e. imbibers are more likely to question and less likely to blindly follow orders from psychopathic leadership (perhaps we could think of it as ‘attitude’, as symbolised by ’50s icons like James Dean and Marlon Brando). What is more, research also suggests ‘second-hand smoke’, as breathed by children of smokers, may in fact immunise them against the influence of psychopaths. Hardly useful, one would suggest, if the objective is filling heads with supremacist beliefs and obtaining undivided loyalty.

To Nazi leadership, with their early, unsophisticated attempts at propaganda, reducing peoples’ critical thinking and increasing their susceptibility to messages of hate and fear and identification were central to their objective. So while the government made supply of tobacco increasingly difficult, and smoking areas increasingly limited, the Nazi propaganda machine set about pushing the party line, vilifying and condemning “red-man’s weed” and persecuting those who would smoke it. It was a campaign begun in the mid 1930s and continued and intensified until they were finally overthrown. (The anti-tobacco campaign of the Nazis – )

Today, when one considers the enormous advances in psychological warfare, be it for product sales, national/religious/corporate identity or fear of the other, and the increasingly sophisticated delivery techniques, the need for smoking to be eradicated becomes blazingly obvious. What government or corporation (or religion) in their right mind, whose primary goals are submission and association, cannot see the benefit of losing a few million in taxes, pensions, operations… for the benefit of a compliant, malleable ready made workforce, and market. From such a perspective, considering our current political and corporate leadership, it is clear, smoking never stood a chance.

What a good job we have a free and independent news media to stand up for the citizen, expose authoritarian lies and ensure governments and corporations cannot cynically manipulate and frighten people into servicing their nefarious goals… oh, err… looks like we’re in big trouble.

Better get puffing guys!







  1. So this is why some people dying of lung cancer due to smoking related effects still smoke . . . they are just so immune to the govt messages for the consumption of the proles that they go right on killing themselves.

    • wuts up hahahaha smoking is gewd thats dumm that they banned it????

  2. everything in life comes with an element of risk. smoking is undoubtedly likely to add to that risk, but you have to die of something.

    and if you think we are immune to their messages then you are fooling yourself – it takes more than just smoking for that

  3. Yeah but doesn’t it bother any smokers that your shelling out your hard earned dough for someone to kill you slowly till your dying then it is one of the most painful deaths known. I am a major Cannabis advocate. Much less harmful to mind and body. Matter of fact claimed scientifically to be beneficial. I’ve said my 2 cents. If your worried about mind control stop ingesting or absorbing fluoride. Look into it.

  4. I can’t read your font. Please pick it up for the old eyes.

  5. There are NO DIRECT LINKS connecting smoking TOBACCO to lung cancer and emphazema. In fact, native americans have been smoking tobacco, mind you NATURAL tobacco, no additives, no sugars, no yeast, and live past 100 years old with no health problems. It is the additives that all non natural cigarettes contain that directly cause cancers.

    The following is from DO YOUR RESEARCH GUYS.

    More evidence that smoking fights Parkinson – “A new study adds to the previously reported evidence that cigarette smoking protects against Parkinson’s disease. Specifically, the new research shows a temporal relationship between smoking and reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease. That is, the protective effect wanes after smokers quit.”

    This large study shows yet another benefit of smoking. This time the benefit concerns restenosis, that is, the occlusion of coronary arteries. Smokers have much better chances to survive, heal and do well. Where is the press? Nowhere to be found, of course; we are talking about a significant positive about tobacco and smoking, which affects the health of people, don’t we? Well, come on! We are also talking about responsible media, here… people better increase their chances of death from cardiovascular disease then getting the idea that smoking may be good for them – a totally unacceptable paradox.

    In the strange world that anti-tobacco has wrought, any research that deviates from the tobacco-is-the-root-of-all-evil template is noteworthy. Here is a study that shows that smokers are actually at lower risk from gum disease. In this page (scroll down) there is more scientific evidence from other sources about oral health and smoking.
    Honest scientists have always known that smoking has some benefit. From the apparent shielding effect against Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases to the more intangible benefits associated with well-being and tranquility, smoking tobacco in many ways is definitely good for your health.

    “Nicotine might be a surprising alternative someday for treating stubborn forms of tuberculosis, a University of Central Florida researcher said Monday. The compound stopped the growth of tuberculosis in laboratory tests, even when used in small quantities, said Saleh Naser, an associate professor of microbiology and molecular biology at UCF…

    Carbon monoxide is a by-product of tobacco smoke. A report indicates very low levels of carbon monoxide may help victims of heart attacks and strokes. Carbon monoxide inhibits blood clotting, thereby dissolving harmful clots in the arteries. The researchers focused on carbon monoxide’s close resemblance to nitric oxide which keeps blood vessels from dilating and prevents the buildup of white blood cells. “Recently nitric oxide has been elevated from a common air pollutant . . . to an [internal] second messenger of utmost physiological importance. Therefore, many of us may not be entirely surprised to learn that carbon monoxide can paradoxically rescue the lung from [cardiovascular blockage] injury.” The pharmacological benefits of tobacco are nothing new.

    ON and on a on…

  6. Wow, thanks Alicia. will check out the link.

    hope you don’t mind if i put your comment on the originlal post @

  7. Smoking is good for you…it makes you smarter.

  8. I’d still settle for not smoking. I think for myself just fine.

  9. did you know russians invented the cigarette which cures cancer? it was tested on some hamster and it worked! It’s made out of some species of australian tobacco combined with some species of bacteria. So, voila…that is not an ordinary cigarette though.

  10. “national/religious/corporate identity ” Why are you aligning these 3? Are they supposed to be on the same level? As religion are we talking about christianity? If so, the real christians don’t do shit for the corporations let me tell ya(they don’t swear either but that’s another discussion). Christianity doesn’t have anything to do with corporations agendas. False christianity yes, but not true christianity. It’s always about faith. Jesus Christ doesn’t want us brainwashed, the devil does.

    • thanks dorian, and no worries – it’s as much your business as anyone else’s 😀

      i align corporate, national and religious identities because they are the three main (visible) players in the international arena. i did not mean specifically Christianity, i meant any structured organised hierarcal religion. and i fully accept your points re Jesus/Christianity – Anthony de Mello expresses my perspective perfectly –

  11. By the way…thank you for this article. Sorry if i caused any trouble, i love you man this article is helpful. And thanks to all that posted these useful comments.

  12. i’m sorry shouda just said “hi” but … I am making a habit in interfering in stuff that isn’t my bussiness…

  13. you know however, that smoking has it’s dis-advantages…

  14. i saw anthony de mello, interesting

  15. I won’t encourage anyone to smoke…

  16. this is a very interesting blog

  17. We can quit smoking for the sake of religion, but let’s not make non-smoking a religion. You think if you quit smoking and drinking it is enough to be called a christian….it’s false religion not religion.

    the corporations own all the tobacco on Planet Garbage | so i don’t think smoking can in any case help you – you are addicted to THEIR stuff.

  18. Well, for one, all the tobacco on the planet is not owned by big business, you should inform yourself on the plight of the native’s in Canada. Big business would love to see them destroyed for producing their own tobacco, and with out alot of the processing companies like Imerial Tobacco use, which they actively have plans to do, and surprise surprise, the Canadian Government is all aboard. If yah wanna know more active big business and freemason plots to undermine the natives, check out the related article on the site below on my blog

  19. I don’t know i smoke and i know its not good for you! But everything in moderation..

  20. your post makes sense. everyone who smokes is demonized and looked upon as if they are a bad person just for smoking. being a smoker really proves nothing about ones personality, but people think it does. i know a lot of people who are embarassed to smoke and are closet smokers because of the stigmatism that goes along with it. i don’t know if it makes someone smarter, but i think people should be allowed to do what they want with their health.

  21. Wow, have any of you guys ever considdered being a lawyer? Yes, some studies show that smoking ISN’T good for you, yet there are the fiew that say it is. I used to be totally against smokers… now I’m a little more open-minded…

  22. […] Source Comments (0) […]

  23. Niacin Vitamin B3 is nicotinic acid.

  24. i love smoking u fuckers hahahahaha???

    • that’s ace

  25. Listen the government would be mentally retarded to make smoking full on illegal, otherwise it would just go underground like prohibition in the 1920’s. Only thing is they might but more “non-smoking” areas in certain public places.

  26. Smoking cigars is beneficial not cigarettes in their current form. Smoke was never supposed to be injected into the lungs

  27. Mentally ill people who are allowed to smoke need less than half as much medicine to control their condition as without tobacco. Yet another advantage for government: In banning smoking, criminality and/or profit for big pharma will go up. The more crime, the more the ignorant public clamours for a police state…

  28. My uncle is 70 years old, he is still fit and fine… hardly goes to Doctor, his recent check up in the hospital says that he is as healthy as a 40 years adult is….. He looks also very good, he still has good hair growth, he sometimes go out to dance bar and he makes out wit hot chicks, he says he is still wild on bed, he doesn’t wear magnifying glasses as his eye sight is perfect…..

    And now for your surprise, those who are critisizing smoke, weed, alcohol etc…. My uncle has been the regular smoker since he was15, he almost every take marujuana, he regularly consumed alcohol all his life…..

    I just want to make one point clear – M not trying to say that my uncle or my family is a super-powered family….. It all happened because of what he believes, he told me that everytime he drink, drug or whatever it is, he always affirmed that i”ts all good for health” and thereby he believed that its all good for health…. I know 99% of you dont agree with me or with this post, but yea, if you really want to make some changes in your life, try and know more about “Law of attraction” and “Power of subconscious mind”

    By the way, I’ m happily smoking, drinking and quite often, I do drug….lol

    happy Smoking pals 😛

  29. You are an idiot, get of the drugs and wake up to yourself.

  30. […] to the point, they would address the far more personally and socially destructive effects of […] Conspiracy Central Blog This entry was posted in Conspiracy Articles and tagged Good, Smoking. Bookmark the permalink. […]

  31. Wow! I would like to add that they have made tobacco poisonous with other chemicals to kill off the people they cant control. Thanks so much for this not a lot out there of people waking up to this yet. Just gotta get the good natural stuff that the natives smoked for however many years with no health problems. I believe they are now taking control of marijuana so they can add chemicals to that as well. Smart they are when dealing with sheep but critical thought will win through when people learn to think and choose with awareness instead of learning to do as they are told.😉 Thanks for thinking and sharing.

  32. I never realised someone could be so stupid, do you actually know what carbon monoxide is? People like you should be executed for being so stupid.

  33. This same question has rattled around my head for months too, so I’m glad to see you have published your opinion.
    I’m not a smoker and hate the smell and look of someone smoking. However I also agree the level of propaganda associated with smoking and how it kills you is extraordinarily disproportionate when considering the medical industry kills more than anything else, plus as you say the dangers or refined sugar and alcohols.
    I’m not convinced you reach a solid conclusion but the discussion is an important one so I thank you for being one of the few to publish about it.

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