Stolen Cars in the US being used as Car Bombs in Iraq

An incredible story from Fox News, and for those who are in the know and can read between the lines, you may be stunned at the depths to which the U.S. government, military, and its affiliated intelligence organizations will go to keep Iraq a bloody, shuddering mess. Read the subtitle in the video below to see what I’m getting at.

If you still don’t get it, you may want to read this story by FreeMarketNews from October 14, 2005: United States Caught in Iraq Car-Bombing.

It’s happened again – allied troops being caught with bombs. This time it is the Americans captured in the act of setting off a car bomb in Baghdad. Last time, as FMNN reported only weeks ago, two British soldiers, apparently working for British intelligence, were caught near Baghdad similarly equipped.

According to the Mirror-World, “A number of Iraqis apprehended two Americans disguised in Arab dress as they tried to blow up a booby-trapped car in the middle of a residential area in western Baghdad on Tuesday. … Residents of western Baghdad’s al-Ghazaliyah district [said] the people had apprehended the Americans as they left their Caprice car near a residential neighborhood in al-Ghazaliyah on Tuesday afternoon. Local people found they looked suspicious so they detained the men before they could get away. That was when they discovered that they were Americans and called the … police.” Just as in the British incident, the Iraq police arrived at approximately the same time as allied military forces – and the two men were removed from Iraq custody and wisked away before any questioning could take place.

The incidents are said to be fueling both puzzlement and animosity among Iraqis. Yet the motivation behind such activities remains formally unknown since in both cases the soldiers involved have been removed with an efficiency that has quashed any attempts at an interrogation.


FMNN FOLLOW: US. The above report came on the heels of reports regarding a similar incident in which British soldiers were involved – and which ultimately led to an apology to Iraq by the British government. However, has pointed out that since the source is a Russian news agency, it is possible the above “may be disinformation.” Below is a U.S. press release which apparently refers to the incident. The original Mirror story – and reader commentary – may be seen here:


BAGHDAD, Iraq – Task Force Baghdad Soldiers found and disabled a car bomb in western Rashid thanks to a tip from a group of Iraqi citizens Oct. 12. Soldiers from 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 4th Combat Brigade Team were on patrol in the neighborhood of Risalah when they were flagged down by a group of Iraqis who reported a suspicious vehicle nearby.

An explosive ordnance disposal team was dispatched to the site and safely detonated the car bomb before it could be used by terrorists. Upon investigation the car bomb was determined to be made from seven 122-millimeter artillery rounds, four 130-millimeter artillery rounds and a propane tank filled with homemade explosives. -30-

Staff Reports – Free-Market News Network

Now of course, I don’t believe any US military press releases, and you shouldn’t either. The fact remains that British special forces have also been caught red-handed, carrying out terror bombings against Iraqi citizens.

From a September 20, 2005 article by Paul Joseph Watson of, British Special Forces Caught Carrying Out Staged Terror In Iraq?

In another example of how the Iraqi quagmire is deliberately designed to degenerate into a chaotic abyss, British SAS were caught attempting to stage a terror attack and the media have dutifully shut up about the real questions surrounding the incident.

What is admitted is that two British soldiers in Arab garb and head dress drove a car towards a group of Iraq police and began firing. According to the Basra governor Mohammed al-Waili, one policeman was shot dead and another was injured. Pictured below are the wigs and clothing that the soldiers were wearing.

The Arab garb is obviously undeniable proof that the operation, whatever its ultimate intention, was staged so that any eyewitnesses would believe it had been carried out by Iraqis.

This has all the indications of a frame up.

This is made all the more interesting by the fact that early reports cited as originating from BBC World Service radio stated that the car used contained explosives. Was this another staged car bombing intended to keep tensions high? As you will discover later, the plan to keep Iraq divided and in turmoil is an actual policy directive that spans back over two decades.

And so it goes. Another day in the American Empire.


As a follow up to this story, I’d like the reader to take a look at another example of the US causing and prolonging turmoil, in Darfur, Sudan.  From the Sudan Tribune, Friday, July 27, 2007:

Sudan accuses CIA of smuggling weapons into Darfur

Sudan’s interior minister accused Central Intelligence Agency of smuggling weapons into the troubled region of Darfur.

Interior Minister Zubair Bashir Taha addressing a crowd consisting of youth organizations said that the CIA is seeking to “disrupt the demographics of Darfur”.

The US special envoy to Darfur Andrew Natsios told reporters in Khartoum last week that Arab groups from neighboring countries were resettling in West Darfur and other lands traditionally belonging to local African tribes.

Taha accused the US of being responsible for “prolonging the war in Darfur and the death of thousands of people after the Abuja peace agreement just like they did in Iraq”.

The Los Angeles Times revealed last month that Sudan has secretly worked with the CIA to spy on the insurgency in Iraq, an example of how the U.S. has continued to cooperate with the Sudanese regime even while condemning its suspected role in the killing of tens of thousands of civilians in Darfur.

The U.S.-Sudan relationship goes beyond Iraq. Sudan has helped the United States track the turmoil in Somalia. Sudanese intelligence service has helped the US to attack the Islamic Courts positions in Somalia and to locate Al Qaeda suspects hiding there.

The Darfur conflict began in 2003 when an ethnic minority rose up against the Arab-dominated government in Khartoum, which then enlisted the Janjaweed militia group to help crush the rebellion.

According to UN estimates, at least 200,000 people have died from the combined effect of war and famine since the conflict started in February 2003. But Khartoum disputes the figures.



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