Foxes and Chickens, and Sheep and Psychosis

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By mothandrust
The Conspiracy Central Blog
Monday, August 20, 2007

There is a quaint old English custom, well until at least until a couple of years back, that entailed ‘upper crust’ twits in red blazers, charging around the countryside on horseback, tooting little brass horns and trying to keep up with a pack of dogs. And if they were really lucky they got to witness a wild (untamed) animal being ripped to pieces by said dogs. Whilst in our current ‘enlightened’ times it is easy to stand aghast or shake one’s head at the idea of seeing such fun as a sport, this process killed a few thousand foxes a year. Tragic of course for the fox (or whatever they got hold of), but, nevertheless, still inherently, survival of the fittest, genetic lines extinguished or evolved (and why no doubt the craftier fox has taken to living off humanity’s waste in suburbia), and, although savage, a swift and natural (albeit engineered) death.

Governments rise and fall, the debate goes on and on, (costing the taxpayers tens of millions), eventually after screams of protest, countless column inches, such practice was banned. Hurrah!

Yet, whilst all this flag waving for animal rights and freedom for foxes occupies the public’s ‘imagination’, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF CHICKENS ARE BEING TORTURED EVERY WEEK, for the sake of a cheap roast on Sunday or a KFC family bucket. Chickens, pumped full of growth hormone, unable to stand (as their bones fail to develop in line with their flesh), never to see the light of day, to be shoved on a mechanical conveyor, destined to have heads ripped off before ever seeing natural sunlight or feeling breeze ruffling their mangy feathers.

Anyone see a problem here? I do, and it’s about perspective – or, the lack of it. Is it not astounding that people are so easily distracted from the real world by irrelevance and inducement? Perhaps not, but to me it seems, the incapacity of humanity to rationalise lies at the heart of global difficulty. It gives authority carte-blanche to shepherd willing grazers in whatever way they choose using just a few techniques and tricks revolving around our basic drivers, hunger and fear, which of course includes identification, i.e. as a social animal, security through belonging. It is a practice repeated over and over again (religion and nationalism being the two prime examples). Sheep flock to the bidding of threat or inducement, never pondering for one moment the statistical relevance in relation either to their personal security or global perspectives.

We are subjected to a daily bombardment of examples, as the half dozen or so Americans killed during a bridge collapse demonstrates, for while this was being paraded across BBC news headlines, tens of millions were being displaced and thousands drowned in Bangladesh and India. What makes this all the more preposterous is that there are thousands of times more Bangladeshi and Indian residents in the UK than Americans!

Perhaps the greatest example of this inability to rationalise, to perspectivise, for the fear drummed into us, is 11th September 2001. The day, in case anyone has forgotten, when three buildings in New York were demolished and approaching three thousand people lost their lives. It is perhaps worth noting here that many times more people die every day through lack of clean drinking water, or food, or shelter, but who know of it? Who would care? Not sheep, happy to graze on diets of game show get-a-life and mega size family buckets. Gobbling up fear and hunger as it is fed through the airwaves and microwaves. No matter that one is ten times, one hundred times more likely to win the lottery than die through ‘Terrorism’ (hardly terrifying one would suggest) or ten thousand times more likely to die in a road accident. It would be laughable if it were not so tragic.

Terrorism itself is a word for sheep, bleated night and day, yet, in itself, absolutely meaningless. For it is not these so called ‘terrorists’ who create terror, but the media in their reporting and the politicians with their posturing. This, to me, is the greatest irony of all – terror – from were does it come? really? It is not of course from a bunch of towel-heads or sand niggers hiding in mountain caves, in reality it is distributed through cluster bombs and land-mines and depleted uranium and ‘shock and awe’ and polluted rivers, destroyed sewage/water/power networks and vulnerability and poverty and, and, and when you stand back to find a perspective, rationalise the situation, it becomes blazingly obvious, real terror (rather than imagined) comes from the liars and hypocrites squealing “TERRORIST!” in the first place!

Nothing is ever offered in context, so the Palestinians are labelled terrorists despite their daily suffering and humiliation and occupied territories, whilst the sheep hear no more than ‘occupied territories’ and believe Palestinians occupy them, rather than understanding Israel stole them! Indeed, contextualisation is impossible for the tension, hypocrisy, paradox and dichotomy it offers. Again, examples are endemic – take for example the need for capitalism to expand, to have people consume more and more, to make stocks rise and rise, and consider it in relation to destruction of planet-wide resources and consequential/subsequential pollution. The two pull in opposite directions and must therefore never be contextualised.

The question, “Why?” (beyond the label of evil) must never be heard – much less discussed, or discovered. Rationality, perspective, consequence and connection must be entirely expunged from the picture. Ignorance is strength, most particularly for mobilisation. Dumb it down and offer it in boxes but never stack the boxes or put them side by side. Isolate – offer potted, dishonest, useless solutions with gravitas and grandeur, then listen as the sheep bleat in unison, “two legs good, four legs bad” “freedom good, terrorism bad”.

Never must dots be joined. Ignorance is bliss, and that is just how society must be managed – bread and circuses. Anyone considering global suffering, inequality and tension and finding connections to government and/or corporate motivation (that is, markets, resources and power) must themselves be isolated, as if the very process of thinking, or challenging Capitalism, becomes evil in itself.

It is best of course if people know nothing, kept in ignorance from cradle to grave. So what education starts, (with its silly little awards of ‘A’ levels and degrees, proving sheep know absolutely nothing useful, coherent or contextualised), media finishes, with its mindless pap, to hypnotise and lobotomise. The population sits drooling over fabrication and fantasy, ignorant to anything meaningful and terrified by everything unknown, which, beyond their soaps and (ever expanding) stomachs, becomes the whole world.

Those who question, who fight above the pap, who see history and connection, who see motivation and fabrication, who attempt to make sense of the fragmented disorder, who challenge received wisdom, are heaped with scorn and derision and tarred with labels like terrorist, traitor, turncoat or ‘self hating Jew’.

To make a connection between cause and effect, action and reaction, must be condemned, ridiculed, obscured; and sheep, who have dusted at least some of the sleep from their eyes – to discover history beyond text books and reason beyond evil – must be isolated, stifled and accused of psychosis.

But remember dear readers, “it is inherently more psychotic to remember than it is to forget.” (‘Waking Life’)

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  1. Very well done Moth, top shelf article that really digs into the crux of the psychosis of terror and the managed apathy of society at large. That so readily justifies horror and suffering into manageable mental bite-size chunks with heaps of Nutrasweet and cognitive dissonance to wash it down.

  2. Well the torture of animals is symptomatic of structural issues. For example — mass production is a system of mass ritual sacrifice. The holocaust was just mass production.

    The global population is dependent on mass production and in fact every person is just having their energy absorbed for mass ritual sacrifice.

    Tantric desire as the commodity fetish drives the whole economy. So people eat mass-produced meat because it gives men the concentrated energy to be “steel-drivers.”

    I find it fascinating that many animal rights activists are upper middle class suburbanites who interpret the issue in terms of consumer activism without considering the larger structural issues.

    Why is it that McDonald’s and the other fast-food joints are so busy?

    I was vegetarian for 15 years and now I regularly hang out in fast food joints. There’s always a strong contingent of poor workers who eat the restaurant’s food (including the fast food workers but also working class types).

    The middle class eaters usually get the food to go or through the drive-through as if they don’t want to be seen getting fast food! haha.

    Just like Walmart — people are driven into this downward cycle of the lowest common demoninator.

    But the real problem is AUTOMATION OF SOCIETY.

    There are not enough jobs because technology of mass production creates a higher profit!!

    Local production of food is the answer but what if you live in a cold climate!?

    For example in Minnesota the growing season is short and local food is expansive.

    There’s just no way that the population could be supported on local food when in fact Minnesota has always relied on exporting their grain.


    The true culture of Minnesota is hunter-gathering.

    So the issue is much deeper than just food production — it’s the means of technology and the philosophy of the technology.

    Can we return to a hunter-gatherer society? No.

    In fact the inherent trajectory of technology, driven by the desire of bourgeois consumer fads (like Veganism) is apocalyptic.

    The only real answer is the source of all energy — formless awareness.

    I once went 8 days on only half a glass of water and yet I was never hunger and my energy was transformed into electromagnetic healing powers.

    This is called “bigu” in qigong.

    Why is it that the women of Ethiopia can survive for 8 days without food but not the white males of the U.S.?


  3. drew, i think we are largely in agreement. nothing is ever discussed at a structural level (i tried to discuss things at a structural level for my thesis in international politics – a piece called ‘concerning structures’ – they gave me a big fat zero for the audacity!) – or using a holistic perspective.

    just one thing though. i’m not denying automation is a deep problem for all the reasons you mention and perhaps more, but i do not believe it is THE problem. i think THE problem at the deepest and most profound of levels is individuals not taking responsibility for their own lives. not taking responsibility for their own truth.

  4. On a more deeper level, as I posted in the secret societies forum today — humans rely on digital or binary forms of truth.

    Body language is mainly binary for “humans” — unless they are not visually dominant!

    When you say “truth” — that is a binary definition — true-false.

    In fact Zionism and anti-zionism are based in the same problem.

    “I Am that I Am” is the original binary truth but it comes from THE SHOFAR.

    Music as ANALOG truth. Humans — the Bushmen culture going back to 80,000 BCE — used to by AUDITORY DOMINANT not visual dominant.

    Auditory dominant means “listening” to find the truth — which is revealed as a mystery from THE FEMALE PRINCIPLE — the Lunar-Water resonance.

    Technology is based on geometric containment using Solar-Iron dominance against the Lunar-Water principle.

    The lunar-water principle resonates the pineal gland for full-body healing and full-body ANALOG language.

    Primates do not point fingers — nor do they use the head nod like “humans.”

    But there is a spectrum – — natural law of humans — before artifical law defined by written language dependent on BINARY definitions of truth.

    So conspiracy activists are no different than Zionists until this issue of binary-digital truth is confronted because it does enable total energy resonance as does “inner ear” harmonics — of listening.

    The truth can not be “contained” through visual symbols.

    Justice is blind but it can be heard. for details.

  5. yeah drew, i saw your post earlier today – read through a bit of it but got rather confused. i don’t think our minds work in the same way. think i largely agree but then on other things i come from a completely different perspective – one being, how we see, and and what are, digital and analog. and, while yes, you can use true as a 1 or an on signal in a digital circuit, that is a very narrow definition (even if it is the sort of definition man uses for his law). i look at it this way: there is an ultimate truth, God if you like, that sits behind the creation of the universe. that is not to say that that force is sentient or conscious in anyway, just that it exists. it is impossible for me (or anyone) to ever come close to even scratching the surface of that ultimate truth, however, nevertheless, through understanding, all can bring their personal truths just a little bit closer.

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