Conspiracy Report – Monday August 13, 2007

Big Brother and Police State

  • Bush Wants Brain Chips For Citizens
    • News Busters
      • The Bush administration tells us the main reason for warrantless wiretapping and searches is, warrantless searches and spying are necessary in order to keep us safe from the terrorist. They imply if we don’t have anything to hide it should not matter if they conduct warrantless searches and that no mater what political party happens to be in power, now or in the future, that this newly granted authority will not be misused. This same line of thinking is parroted mainly by the conservative, bootlicking pundits, bloggers and by what has become known as the graduates of the Joseph Goebbels School of Broadcasting and Propaganda on talk radio.


Money Matters

  • Signs Economic Commentary for 13 August 2007
    • Donald Hunt | Signs of the Times
      • Despite a small rise in the stock market last week, the volatility, including a sharp drop on Thursday, still has everyone on edge. There were several reasons for this. First, the maintenance of stock prices at anything resembling their recent levels required a staggering infusion of “liquidity” (in other words, newly created money) by the world’s central banks, $213.6 billion on Thursday and Friday by the European Central Bank, $62 billion by the U.S. Fed). Second, that infusion of liquidity included an unprecedented departure by the U.S. Federal Reserve. This time they actually bought CDO’s (collateralized debt obligations). Usually they buy short term Federal Reserve obligations. This implies that no one else would accept these CDO’s.
  • Stock Market Brushfire; Will there be a run on the banks?
    • Mike Whitney | Global Research
      • On Friday, the Dow Jones clawed its way back from a 200 point deficit to a mere 31 point loss after the Federal Reserve injected $38 billion into the banking system. The Fed had already pumped $24 billion into the system a day earlier after the Dow plummeted 387 points. That brings the Fed’s total commitment to a whopping $62 billion.

New World Order: Breaking the Chains

  • The North American Union and the End of Democracy in Canada
    • Kevin Parkinson | Global Research
      • Unfortunately, democratic rights in Canada are quickly becoming an illusion. In a sinister plot being carried out underneath our noses, the Canadian government has been working collectively with Mexico and the United States to create the conditions for a merger into a North American Union (NAU). To date, there has been absolutely no public participation concerning this merger.


  • Karl Rove to Leave White House
    • Terence Hunt | WASHINGTON (AP) – Karl Rove, the political mastermind behind President Bush’s races for the White House and an adviser with unparalleled influence over the past 6 1/2 turbulent years, announced his resignation Monday, ending a partnership stretching back more than three decades.

Wars and Rumors of Wars

  • Is the United States Killing 10,000 Iraqis Every Month? Or Is It More?
    • Prof. Michael Schwartz | Global Research
      • While the atlantist media is reporting more than 3 000 GI’s killed in Iraq and many civilian victims of inter-confessional violences, it looks away from the daily slaughter of civilians by US patrols conducting their search operations for suspects. Professor Michael Schwartz estimates that their number reached 10 000 a month in the first 3 years of occupation. And much more since Bush ordered his surge of operations.

Wild Weather


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