Conspiracy Report – Sunday, August 12th, 2007

Area 51 – Hangar 17

  • Terror Information Quagmire

    • Gary S. Bekkum | Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape | August 12, 2007
      • Ever wonder what kind of web-based sources of information can trigger an alert? These days everything appears to be on a hair-trigger, probably because public officials are afraid of being caught with their pants down if an independent alert just happens to get it right.
  • Professor Kaku: UFO sends shivers up your spine
    • Gary S. Bekkum | Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape | August 12, 2007
      • “Any day now we could have an existential shock when it’s announced that scientists have identified an earth-like twin in outer space,” said Professor Michio Kaku, a theoretical scientist at City College. “A new wave of satellites is going up in orbit, which could settle the question once and for all. And we hope to find other planets with liquid oceans that can perhaps recreate the conditions for life that we found on the planet Earth.”
  • PAST Report: Rogue F-16 to breach North American Airspace
    • Gary S. Bekkum | Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape | August 10, 2007
      • AMP: Anomalous Mental Phenomena. The uncanny ability of the human mind to anticipate events or access information that common sense tells us should be inaccessible to ordinary perception.
      • Sometime in 2001, Anomalous Mental Phenomena may have intercepted ground to air chatter between North American Air Command and two F-15 (or F-16) interceptors directing them to intercept an intruding nuclear armed F-16, violating North American airspace
  • Cropped out due to floods
    • Matt Wilkinson | Oxford Mail | August 10, 2007
      • Whether made by hoaxers or unexplained visitors from outer space, crop circles have been hard to find in Oxfordshire fields this summer.

Big Brother and Police State

  • Avery Dennison-RedPrairie “Solution” Picked Up
    • RFID News | August 12, 2007
      • Avery Dennison, Printer Systems Division, supplier of Monarch products and services, and RedPrairie Corporation, a world leading consumer driven optimization company, recently announced a partnership providing total RFID solutions.
  • Dollywood Goes RFID
    • RFID News | August 12, 2007
      • We’ve been hearing about RFID Wristbands for a while, but it’s big news that country icon Dolly Parton’s namesake amusement park Dollywood’s Splash Country is getting them.

New World Order – Breaking The Chains


  • Iraq ‘needs a dictator’ says US think tank
    • Aftermath News| August 12, 2007
      • “The best idea we were able to generate—a National Unity Dictatorship—is the only plausible route to stability in both Iraq and the region, and one we can make more likely if we choose to. This would, of course, represent the failure of democratization in Iraq…If you can find a more authoritarian, non-constitutional figure in Iraq, you should probably go for it. An authoritarian government is scenario No. 1 in Iraq. We should start thinking about how to make it happen.”

        – Michael Oppenheimer, director of New York University’s Center for Global Affairs, in “Iraq’s Future after the U.S. Leaves: Dictatorship, Civil War, or Regional Conflict?” July 19, 2007

  • God Bless You Cindy Sheehan
    • Smoking Mirrors Blog | August 12, 2007
      • You were just another American mother who lost her son in the war. I suppose at first there was nothing but grief and loss. From what we hear, your son was a fine person; maybe he had become a man already and maybe not but he was man enough to go to war. Something died in you the day you learned that he was gone. He didn’t tell you he was going. He didn’t like Bush and he thought the war was wrong but he felt it was his duty to go. This is what you said about him afterwards

The Paranormal

  • Is historic health building also haunted?
    • Erin Edgemon | Murfreesboro Post | August 12, 2007
      • The happy sounds of children laughing and playing sometimes can be heard in the hallways but no one is there. Knickknacks are unexplainably moved out of their place on office desks.

Wars and Rumors of War



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