Northern Alberta Surface Water Study

James Reamsbottom conducted a surface water study around the town of Worsley, Alberta from the year 2000 to the present. He discovered a disaster of monumental proportions. “Several town water systems were contaminated by the concealment of transportation of a deleterious byproduct.” Key players in the Baytex Corportation, other corporations, and the Canadian government allowed this catastrophe and subsequent coverup to happen.

It’s time to expose the coverup.

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  1. Hola faretaste

  2. This is a WARNING My Meb and the Material evidence or being veiwed at a Alarming rate !
    I Uncovered a FEDERAL SECRET About the How of the canadians governentd cash cow royalty and the secret of the cash Monster. Waitinig shortly for Officail to strom redidence and beat the hell out of me for this materials ..
    web hit 641k this moring and is jumping loke crazy, so a lead to get councils to talk was recorded over a agreement that was stopped at remediation through grabbing children, acid leaks . Ferderal Gpvernment owned plant and piping systems , and transporting liquid byproducts , in registered gas pipe line systems . Violated Pipeline acr , criminal code of canada.


  3. A some up of all informations , provide direct links to the largest scandle in canadian history. Throughout the study direct links of criminal activities are noted against canadas top officials . Ministers and the underworld of corruption run hand in hand.
    The single largest take over of canadian resources is up for highest bidder, with a corrupt alberta provincial government selling off the peoples harded worth.
    Water will be the final finish to a destructive acid basins activly brewing under or feet , there is were the water went . Enjoy a cup a heavy metal enriched water , it is now all across canada , thank to Unconventional methods , or call it illegal collection of resources.
    Rally all supporters , there is a class action for all canadians and americians combinded, with this the entire system can be held accountable , federal governments have intrests into this operation. Truely they are now the weakest link due to direct conspiricy and treasons against the people of both sides.
    Jim Reamsbottom

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